What is Swisse Me?

For every you, every day – Swisse Me is a tasty, nutritional on-the-go lifestyle range designed to keep up with you throughout the day. Our delicious blends, shots and jellies are packed with quality natural ingredients that nourish and restore you when you need it the most. Plus, they’re a perfect fit for your day, gym or clutch bag too. Sorted then!  

What are Swisse Me Blends?

Imagine if a smoothie and a meal set up home up together and you’re pretty much there! Our blends are great for breakfast on the run, a pre-workout boost, a tasty mid-afternoon snack or post-workout pick-me-up.   

Where are the Swisse Me blends manufactured?

We’re a UK brand but prefer the weather in Spain (can you blame us?), especially for their amazing fruit orchards, so we make our blends there.

Can you have Swisse Me blends hot or cold?

For best taste results, keep at room temp so you can squeeze every last bit from the pouch. But if you don’t eat it all at once, you can refrigerate it (with the lid on) for a max of 48 hours. Our packs cannot be microwaved but if you fancy a bit of heat you can stand it in some hot water for a minute or so. Whatever works for you!

What is the shelf life of Swisse Me blends?

From our website to your doorstep, you’ve got a few months to consume. We use fresh ingredients in all of our blends (including a twist of lemon in each one for preservation) but just check back of pack for the expiry date and you’re good to go.

Are Swisse Me products recyclable?

At the moment, some of our packaging is recyclable and some of it isn’t. We endeavour to minimalise waste by using recyclable materials.

Nutritional Questions

Are Swisse Me products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

A number of our products are perfect for vegetarians and vegans (you’ll find this info on our packs) however we also have some that are not. This is because everyone’s different and we want to cater for all diets, including those following a plant-based regime. Check out our Vegan Bundle here.

What is Swisse Me's take on sugar in their foods?

Our products have no added sugar, and the only sugars they do contain are naturally occurring ones from things like fruit sugar. Check out our ingredients list on back of pack for more info.  

Are Swisse Me products lactose and dairy free?

Yes! Pretty much all of our products are both lactose and dairy free. There are some that are not, but this is because we have purposefully created a wide range that suits all palates.  

Do any Swisse Me products contain nuts?

We’re all for creating a wide range that suits all tastes, so some of our products do contain nuts like almond flour. But we always make it very clear in the ingredients box on the back of each pack that will either state ‘contains nuts’ or ‘may contain traces of nuts’ if they’re produced in a place that handles them. If our product doesn’t state either message on the pack, it means there are no nuts or traces of nuts. Hope this clears things up!

Are Swisse Me Blends suitable for little ones?

First and foremost, we’re a tasty and nutritious on-the-go lifestyle brand for grown ups.Saying that, our Start Me blends contain simple, natural ingredients that are kid-friendly. But there are some products from our other ranges that contain ‘active ingredients’ that may not be suitable for little ones.So the best thing to do, as always, is read the label if in doubt!  

Are the ingredients in Swisse Me products natural?

We have lots of natural quality ingredients in our products, including plenty of super fruit and veg. We’ve got other ingredients too like whey protein, which aren’t natural but provide different nutritional benefits that play an important role in a balanced diet, like sources of protein and magnesium.  

Where is the allergen info on Swisse Me packaging?

All allergens in our products are highlighted in the ingredients declaration as per The Food Information Regulation. Underneath the ingredients box on the back of packs we state any ‘may contains’ info for our products which do not contain allergen ingredients but are made in a factory that handles them. If our product doesn’t have an allergen highlighted and there is no ‘may contains’ message then the product does not contain any allergen.      


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