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We're talking free Artichoke and Curcumin Wellness Shots AND Collagen and Blood Orange Beauty Shots.

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*Free shots: 2x Collagen and 2x Artichoke shots on £30 min orders, valid until 14th June.

Pocket Rockets

They might be short, but these rockets will make their presence felt. Remind you of anyone you know?

Spend £30 and use our code SHOTSONME to receive four of our little stunners absolutely free. 

You'll enjoy two Collagen and Blood Orange Beauty Shots to help you glow on the go, as well as two Artichoke and Curcumin Wellness Shots to invigorate and replenish.

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Collagen Beauty

Packed with 5g of both Collagen and Protein, this travel-sized pick-me-up delivers a delicious citrus burst of Blood Orange flavor to treat your taste buds too. Who says getting your daily beauty fix needs to be hard graft?

Perfect for anyone with a hectic lifestyle who wants to throw a little more Collagen into their routine, our shots are a must-have for the desk drawer to keep you feeling fresh.

Fibrous Feels

For an invigorating and replenishing daily dose, try this pocket-size shot for size. With Artichoke extract, known to support digestion, and curcumin, it delivers a hit of goodness and a source of fibre too!


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