Healthy Snacks

Find your perfect on-the-go match.

We’ve bundled up our products in six ways for you to try, from breakfast and protein to energy-boosting and replenishing. It's healthy snacks... but for adults!

Simple and complete

Mixed natural and active ingredients in 12 flavours.

On-the-go snack

As part of your gym bag and handbag essential.

Designed with purpose

Choose from our breakfast, pre and post workout blends.

For all your needs

Gluten free and vegan options with no added sugar.

Get a flavour of who we are

Think of it like dating, but with more choice, better taste and healthier!

Start Me bundle

Epic AM workout. Early meeting. Commute from hell. However your day starts, you will soon be able to show it who’s boss with our on-the-go Breakfast Blends. The Start Me range is deliciously good for you and super convenient too. From cocoa and chia to coffee and quinoa – they are full of bold flavours that pack a good nutritional punch. Blended with fruits, grains or yoghurt, it’s the snack that sets you up for the day ahead.

Boost Me bundle

Afternoon slumps, don’t you just hate them? Especially when you’ve got stuff to do and don’t have the energy. Say hello to Boost Me Energy Blends. These tasty fruity veg combos will help put the spring back in your step, no doubt about it. With a choice of delicious leafy greens, berries, summer fruits, beets and zesty ginger flavours, those energy levels can stay where they need to - on top!

Goodness Me bundle

With magnesium and protein goodness, it’s good news for when that afternoon slump rocks up. Containing quality ingredients that help support your energy levels, this delicious bundle is a selection of fruity, beety and veggie blends to entice the taste buds and give you a boost when you need it. You’ve got Boost Me Beetroot, Mango, Berry and Pear for a yummy pre-workout pick-me-up, and tasty Replenish Me Spirulina that gets you back to you in no time.

Super Me bundle

Healthy lifestyle - sometimes. Fitness goals on track - mostly. Diet rich in antioxidants - hmmm. Don’t worry, that’s our department. Antioxidants play a role in our health and wellbeing but knowing what ingredients to get is easier said than done. So, as well as handpicking foods with antioxidant properties, we’ve put them together in an easy-to-order bundle just for you.

Try Me bundle

Life is already full of choices and hard decisions, so why add to it? That’s why we’ve done the choosing for you and called it Try Me. A curation of the yummiest blends, shots and jellies that take you from morning to night, energy to relaxation. There’s delicious Start Me Coffee and Replenish Me Spirulina from our blends range. Plus, a sparky Boost Me Ginseng jelly and refreshing Replenish Me Artichoke shot. Seriously, it was like choosing between our children! However, we persevered and here’s the result. Enjoy.

Bundles Range

  1. Super Me bundle
    2x150g + 6x120g Pouches
    Try our superfood bundle! 8 x tasty blends packed with antioxidant properities.
  2. Goodness Me bundle
    8X120g Pouches
    Try our pre and post workout bundle! 8 x magnesium and protein packed products.
  3. Try Me bundle
    6x150g + 10x120g Pouches
    Try them ALL! Enjoy 16 x blends in this mega bundle. There's something for everyone.
  4. Boost Me bundle
    8X120g Pouches
    Try the Boost Me range! A selection of 8 x energy blends to fuel your day and your workouts.
  5. Start Me bundle
    8x150g Pouches
    Try the Start Me range! A selection of 8 x breakfast blends to get you going in the morning.

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