Replenish me

It's nutritional R&R.

Meet the post-workout squad. Our Spirulina snack is made with quality nutritious ingredients that reinvigorate the body.

Simple and complete

Mixed natural and active ingredients in 12 flavours.

On-the-go snack

As part of your gym bag and handbag essential.

Designed with purpose

Choose from our breakfast, pre and post workout blends.

For all your needs

Gluten free and vegan options with no added sugar.

Recover and chill

Nutrition that gets you back to you.

After a full-on work presentation or that last gym session of the day, replenishing body and soul is what should be top of mind. Squeeze and savour, our post-workout snacks are packed full of tasty nutritious ingredients designed to give back. With spirulina, reinvigoration now tastes as good as it feels.

Replenish Me Spirulina

Post-workout blend.

From post-workout slumps to post-meeting haze, replenishing your body with an ingredient packed with health benefits like spirulina, is always the right thing to do! Blended with delicious pear, apple, banana, almond and lemon - if your body doesn’t deserve it, then what does? 

Get zen in less than ten

The easy art of meditation.

The link between a balanced diet and meditation is strong (mindful eating as we like to call it) but bringing mindfulness into your day can feel a bit daunting. Check out below why getting zen is easier (and quicker) than you think.

Try Me bundle

A little bit of everything for £26.99


Try Me bundle

A little bit of everything for £26.99


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