Start Me

Mornings just got better.

Meet the breakfast squad. A range of healthy smoothies made with quality nutritious ingredients that make mornings not only much more bearable, but incredibly tasty too.

Natural Ingredients

12 flavours packed with natural energy boosting ingredients.

Perfect On-The-Go

Making snacking for your busy lifestyle easier and healthier.

Dietary Diversity

Gluten free, vegan and protein options with no added sugar.

Start right

Nutrition to get you up and out.

Working out. Meeting looming. Commute slow. You know what to do. Squeeze and savour, our breakfast blends are packed full of tasty nutritious ingredients to give your day the kick start it needs. Coffee, quinoa, chia seeds and cocoa blended with fruits, oats and yoghurt make every A.M a good one.

Start Me COCOA

+ Banana + Apple + Barley + Oats

Mornings just got interesting with this tasty, nutritious and caffeinated wake-up call. Blended apple and banana with the grains of oats and barley, this comforting cocoa-tasting treat won’t just set you on the right track, but it’ll keep you on it too. Boom!

Start Me GINSENG Jelly

+ Korean Red Ginseng + Maca Root

As part of our Vegan range, we've introduced new Ginseng jelly sticks. When your day is jam-packed, these jellies are the perfect on-the-go snack to get you through.

Sleep Right

A good start needs a good sleep.

We may have the right combo of quality ingredients to get your day going, but another way to get a good start is to get a good night’s sleep. Obvious but true! From what to eat to when to power down - check out The Ultimate Sleep Guide below. Night-night.

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