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Sustainable fishing

Worldwide demand for seafood is rising rapidly. As consumers, we have the power to positively impact long-term fish stocks and save our seas...

Blood Orange mocktail recipe

Learn how to make our Swisse Me own Blood Orange mocktail recipe. A delicious way to jazz up your evenings using our pocket rocket collagen shots - too good to ignore!

The ultimate Boost Me acai bowl

Everyone deserves to be a little extra from time to time and nothing says extravagance like an acai bowl topped with heaps of fresh fruits, flowers and superfood seeds...

Food and Mood: Managing stress

We all know what it’s like to feel anxious. However, at this time of year, this gremlin seems to rear its ugly head more frequently. Anxiety doesn’t have to be something we fear...

Beetroot brownies recipe

You don't have to feel guilty or 'beet' yourself after these yummy Boost Me Beetroot brownies. At Swisse Me we always want to make your desserts better, in taste and in health...

Coffee granola recipe

Try kickstarting your day with our Swisse Me Coffee granola. Hello healthy breakfast, hello energy boost, hello happy Mondays! Drop us a message and let us know what you think...

Pear, apple and almond tart recipe

What's better than a cheeky tart? A Swisse Me Boost Me one, that's got yummy apple in it and crumbled with delicious almond flakes. Doing desserts in all the right ways...


Artichokes are pretty cool. Not only do they look awesome, they also have a whole host of nutrition benefits. A member of the thistle family (just look at those thick...


Tea, soup, smoothies; ginseng is a ubiquitous ingredient in modern recipes due to its amazing flavour and potential to support our busy active lifestyles...

Ageing gracefully

‘If I could turn back time...’ Many of us dream, just like Cher, that we could reverse the clock and look younger. However, the real key to feeling our best as we age not only...

Intermittent fasting

One of the biggest (and scientifically promising -) trends in nutrition right now. Intermittent fasting can be effective for weight loss as well as improve overall health and wellbeing...


Collagen products are popping up in stores left, right and centre. However, few of us really understand what collagen is, how it benefits us, and how best to get enough...

Feed your brain - study foods for you

As exams loom and assessments inch closer to their deadlines, staying on top of everything is a big deal. It’s enough to make your brain ache! But as always, good nutrition...


Check out our new team member and eligible bachelor Nate! He's single and ready to mingle, so find our more about him in this Q&A and decide for yourself...

Plant-based snacks

Over the last 25 years, veganism has risen by 360% due to a combination of increased environmental awareness as well as growing reports of the potential health benefits...

Superfoods: fact or fiction?

If you’re interested in nutrition, you may have come across the term ‘superfoods’. This is used to describe a group of individual food items with benefits that surpass other products...

Staying hydrated

About 60% of our body weight is fluid. Consequently, staying hydrated is super important for our cells, tissues and organs to function properly and for us to feel at our best...

Diet and mood

It’s not uncommon for our mood to change as frequently as the British weather. As our mental health is just as important as our physical health, how to remain in a sunny...

Unknown facts about health

Sorting fact from fiction where our health is concerned is difficult at the best of times. Moreover, there are some facts that are little known, but super important...


Balanced nutrition means consuming enough macronutrients in the correct proportions to meet your body’s needs. However, many of us have heard of the word...


Whether it’s at a bar, at a restaurant, at a club, with family, with friends; many of us love the occasional drink. However, it’s important to keep tabs on this habit...

The role of sugar

Sugar gets a lot of bad press. However, as with most things in nutrition, the story is more complicated than what we’re led to believe. Far from being the bad guy...

Get orange glow on this winter

Peeling back the layers of nature’s beauty secret. When it comes to beating those beauty winter blues, you need some orange in your beauty routine. Blood orange to be precise, and here’s why…

Top 6 travel tips

By way of introduction I married an outdoorsy Croatian guy. He stands by the life principal that you should be ‘prepared for anything’ when travelling with him...

Find your zen for 2020

Going into a new year, especially a new decade, can be somewhat daunting, but don’t succumb to the pressure. See it only as a positive thing! It’s a second chance to write...


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