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4 habits of happiness

The one aspect that appears to unite us all is the quest for happiness. This can make all the difference to achieving what we want to do.

Check out the 4 following habits we think will help you get there. Seriously, you may want to memorise them too…


HABIT NO.1. ‘A positive tone’

It may seem easy but the power of positive thinking has repeatedly been shown to make a difference. Since the eighties, psychology experts have been convinced that optimism has both powerful body and mind benefits. It’s not hard to let negativity bias our thinking – ‘why me?’ ring a bell as a go-to when faced with something difficult? But if you replace ‘issue’ or ‘problem’ with ‘challenge’ – then automatically it becomes more positive. Challenges can be learned from, solved and also be a good thing, all at the same time. Because if we start thinking differently, the world will be a different place too.



HABIT NO.2. ‘Get your home in order’  

Marie Kondo has a simple point. Basically, if something doesn’t spark joy then there’s no point in trying to start a fire yourself (for one, just think of the smell of smoke on everything, let alone the rest of the chaos!)

Scientific studies show that clean and organised spaces reduce stress and increase productivity. Order in the home can even improve eating and exercise habits too. ‘But I never have the time’ we hear you say. Don’t worry, we’ve thought of that. That’s why we suggest setting an alarm at the same time each day for a 15-minute tidy up and organise session. Trust us, your sense of joy will go off the scale!



HABIT NO.3. ‘Be generous’ 

The debate over whether it’s best to give or receive, well, we know who our money is on. Because spending money and time on others, including charities, will always put a bigger smile on your face than buying something for yourself will ever do. And if you keep it up, just remember you will also keep generating a stream of lovely feelings that go hand in hand with giving to others. So, what are you waiting for? Feel the love and get giving!


HABIT NO.4. ‘Stay social’

Lots of studies have been done on the power of socialising with others and the effect of overall wellbeing. A lack of social connection can have a worse effect on your wellbeing than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure (apparently)! We know, jaw on the floor. So however busy your lifestyle is, remember that making dates with friends and family could actually make you happier and healthier.



Swisse Me & Happiness habits 

The 5th habit of happiness has got to be good nutrition and eating well. All of our low-fat ranges; Start Me, Boost Me and Replenish Me blends are super. Packed delicious and nutritious ingredients (like beetroot and spinach), they can be consumed throughout the day to help give you an energy boost when you need it the most. Our overall feeling of happiness and wellbeing is affected by what we put into our bodies, so only putting in things that enhance good feeling has got to be a habit worth forming!  

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