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Be a probiotic pro

It may sound kind of gross but we have a lot of bacteria in our digestive system. However, good bacteria in the form of probiotics has many important functions that go beyond just the gut.


Gut feeling


Our brain and guts our intricately linked. Therefore, having a healthy gut microbiome is essential to our mental as well as physical health. Positive impact on mood and some studies have shown also a role in addressing depression. However, more research is needed.


Yay for yoghurt


One of the best food sources of probiotics is yoghurt. Made by fermenting milk with a yoghurt culture, it also provides protein and calcium. Remember though, yoghurts that go through heat treatment will lose their live bacteria. So those yoghurt-covered raisins that we all love unfortunately won’t make the probiotic cut! Never fear; there’s still plenty of varieties to try from Kefir and Greek yoghurt to Skyr.

NB: dairy-free yoghurt isn’t a good source of probiotics



Swisse Me, probiotics & yoghurt

As you can see, probiotics are very important for a healthy gut, and by listening to ours it was a no-brainer to include ingredients that support it. We made the decision that breakfast was a perfect place to start! That’s why you’ll find natural yoghurt in Start Me Coffee, alongside a delicious blend of 4 fruits, oats and coffee flavour. A very different and gut-healthy way to have your morning coffee, that’s for sure. There’s also Start Me Quinoa, blended with Greek-style yoghurt and 4 fruits. Another tasty way to set up you (and your gut) for the day. Not wanting to stop with just breakfast, we’ve also included natural yoghurt in Boost Me Coffee from our energy range. Blended with oats and 3 fruits including banana and apple nutrition, it’s another prebiotic source for female nutrition - giving energy a boost and keeping that gut happy too. Win/win. 

  1. Boost Me Coffee breakfast blend front
    Energy Blend
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    Recharge your batteries with this energising blend of coffee, apple, banana & oats. 
  2. Start Me Quinoa breakfast blend front
    Breakfast Blend
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    Ready-to-drink breakfast smoothies packed with quinoa, apple, mango, banana & yoghurt. No added sugar.
  3. Start Me Coffee breakfast blend front
    Breakfast Blend
    BOX OF 8
    Packed with coffee, apple, banana, dates & yoghurt using real fruit concentrate.   

Complementary items from the balance range