6 Ways to Celebrate Best Friend Day with your Bestie ...even in lockdown!

Today is National Best Friend Day, which seems like a slightly cruel joke when so many of us have long been separated from our BFF's! Going from seeing your best mate every other day to spending three months apart in quarantine can feel like you’re missing your right arm. So, if today more than ever, you’re missing your nearest and dearests, here’s some great ways to reconnect and celebrate the day… isolation style!

Best Friend Day


Make A Workout Date… On Zoom!

If your favourite way to spend time together is a seriously sweaty workout and a post-class refuel brunch, don’t despair! Thanks to good old Zoom, you don’t need to let lockdown keep you away from your favourite friend-date. Organise to join a live workout together and facetime after to debrief whilst you whip up breakfast (pancakes are compulsory in our opinion!). Or try something a little different by organising a private zoom yoga class with your favourite instructor, perfect for anyone in need of a little zen!


Go Old School with A Heartfelt Letter

Our phones have been a godsend for keeping us all connected, but nothing quite beats receiving a thoughtful card or handwritten letter through the letterbox. The extra effort that goes into old fashioned snail mail means so much more than a quick WhatsApp, plus you can keep it to give yourself something to look back on after a tough day.


Send a Surprise Gift

Take your best friend game up a level by sending a little gift with that handwritten letter! These days, an unexpected visit from the postman is peak lockdown excitement, so why not send a little something that’ll put a smile on that wonderful face you miss so much. Sure, you can send the standard flowers or booze, but we’re all about doing something a little different and giving them the gift they truly deserve – a smoothie care package to keep them feeling healthy and strong during lockdown! Now you can rest easy knowing they’re fuelling themselves with all the vitamin and mineral rich nutrition their body needs.

Best Friend


Cook A Long Together

 You might not be able to cook dinner together right now, but you can still have a glass of vino and spill the tea over dinner; just virtually! Organise a cook a long to spend some quality time with your best mate. Decide on your favourite dish and make sure you’ve both got all the ingredients you need before facetiming to cook along together… just don’t blame us if you burn the veggies when some serious gossip gets dropped! 


Get the Whole Crew Involved

If you haven’t got zoom fatigue just yet, then there’s no better way to celebrate with your friends than getting everyone together for a special-themed quiz! Base a round on each person to see how well you really know each other. Nothing will brighten your moods like a little nostalgia and a good laugh over some of those gut-wrenchingly embarrassing moments that your friends will never let you forget!


Make Plans for The Future

None of us know what the future looks like and when life might return to normality, but we can still start thinking about making some distant plans to give us something to look forward to. Start saving up all the money you would have lost to the pub and start making a list of things that you and your mates want to do to make up for all this long-lost time. From soaking up some much-missed culture to road tripping out to the beach or getting the whole gang together for an epic BBQ in the park - it’s time to create the ultimate post-COVID bucket list!

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