COVID-19 driving you crazy? Here’s 8 Mood-Boosting Recipes for Quarantine

Used to rushing around at the mercy of our endless to do lists, who else is feeling at a loss now we’re quarantined to our houses? With an unusual stretch of time on our hands and a desperate need to keep our minds busy, we’re on a mission to combat cabin fever by dragging ourselves out of our Netflix hole and into the kitchen! Remember that drool-worthy baking recipe you’ve never had time for, or the slow-cooked dinner with 16 steps? Now is their time to shine! To get your inspiration going, here’s eight of our favourite healthy recipes to keep you busy, satisfy your comfort food cravings and keep your body in tip top shape during this strange time!


Beetroot Brownie Recipe

If meditation isn’t your bag, we find baking to be a great exercise in mindfulness! And what could be more therapeutic than chocolate brownies? Switch off your mind and put your extra energy into whipping up a batch of these beetroot brownies. Made with our Beetroot Ready-to-Drink Smoothie, these brownies might look indulgent, but they’re full of all-natural energy and magnesium , helping to keep you satiated so you can wave goodbye to those endless mid-afternoon trips to the biscuit tin!


Coffee Date Granola Recipe

Once upon a time you might have laughed at the idea of making your own granola… not anymore! Made with a killer combination of oats, mixed nuts, chocolate and our Coffee Date Ready-to-Drink Smoothie, it’ll not only smell amazing and make you feel like a domestic god(dess), but might just help  with the rocket fuel you need for a productive day! Don’t have all the exact ingredients? Skip an unnecessary trip to the shops and get creative instead by switching out the nuts, seeds and chocolate for whatever alternatives you have at hand.



Melissa Helmsley Fridge Foraging Recipes

If there’s a lesson to learn during this surreal time, it’s how to make the most out of what you have. Many of us have become reliant on quick convenience foods, picking up whatever we fancy in a hurry on our way home from work… when there’s likely already enough food back at home! Learn to love your leftovers and find some inspiration for those old bits of veg that are looking sad and lonely at the back of your fridge. Luckily for you, these five recipes from Melissa Helmsley will help you do just that. Whip up those boring cans of pulses into a rich chickpea stew or give life to forgotten veggies in a jam-packed frittata.


Banana and Pecan Muffin Recipe

With the smell of banana muffins wafting around your kitchen, isolation will have never felt so cosy! This is the ideal recipe to put a smile on your family’s faces after a stressful day or to package up and leave on your neighbour’s doorstep as a thoughtful care package for those who can no longer get to the supermarket. Made using peanut butter and our Start Me Quinoa Ready-to-Drink Smoothie, these muffins  are than their store-bought counterpart; perfect for after a home workout or for an indulgent but nutritious breakfast.


Bake Your Own Sourdough

Sourdough; great to eat (especially with a generous pile of avocado), but to make your own it’s what we’d call… a labour of love! Now, with no excuses for not feed that starter or not having time to bake fresh bread, we’re ready to get to grips with Sourdough to ease the pain of missing our favourite weekend brunches. Don’t panic if you’re not a natural baker, this ‘Non-Baker’s Guide’  will guide you through the process step by step – you’ve got this!


Dishoom’s Jackfruit Biryani & Black Dahl Recipes

When you can’t get out to your favourite restaurants, we’re here to help bring them to you! Get your Saturday night Indian hit with some of Dishoom’s most popular recipes. In normal situations, spending an hour and a half making a biryani might seem absurd, but now it’s a great way to whittle away a never-ending afternoon. Their famous black dahl recipe is not only incredible, but leftovers will be great in the freezer so you’re all stocked up if you can’t get to the shops…


Spinach Apple Crumble Recipe

With stress levels high, if you’re anything like us you’re craving ALL the comfort food; carbs on carbs on carbs please! Made with store-cupboard staples and our Spinach Ready-to-Drink smoothie, this apple crumble recipe will have all your comfort needs covered whilst giving your body a boost of hidden greens – sneaky! If isolation morale is running low throughout your house, get this ready for an after-dinner treat to power up the collective energy.


Coffee Pancake Recipe

One thing we’re thankful for during this time? No commute and some extra time to whip up a breakfast of dreams! If you’re also craving a good caffeine hit now that your favourite local has closed, this pancake stack recipe will tick all your boxes. Made with our Boost Me Coffee Ready-to-Drink Smoothie, containing caffeine and avocados. Caffeine helps give you that perk you need and avocados and known to be a great source of unsaturated fats.. In other words, it’s a breakfast guaranteed to supercharge your morning and kick start a productive day!


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