Working from home: 9 top tips to get sh*t done

When working in an office day in, day out, many of us would dream of the chance to forgo our tiresome commute to work from the comfort of our homes. But with this now a reality for us all during the COVID-19 lockdown, the idea of spending the next 3 months alone in your home office seems like a terrifying thought! Without your boss watching over your shoulder and distractions everywhere, getting through your to do list can feel like climbing Everest. So, if you’re struggling to get into the swing of a productive working from home routine, here are our top tips for getting sh*t done…


Get Out of Bed

You heard us, up you get! Working from the comfort of your bed might sound like the ultimate luxury and total office goals, but we’re sorry to say it’s a fast-track to unproductivity (or an accidental nap!). This rule goes for the sofa too – lounging anywhere is never productive. Get up and sit at a desk or table as you usually would at work, only moving to somewhere comfier to tie off lose ends at the end of the day. Oh, and get in the shower and out of your pyjamas too. Seriously, who’s ever had a productive day when they’re sat in in their dressing gown with sleep still in their eyes? 


Keep the TV Off

When set up in the eerie silence of your kitchen or lounge, it can be tempting to pop the tv on for a little background noise. But having the ‘news on in the background’ can quickly turn into an episode of Dinner Date, by which point you’re sliding down a slippery slope towards an entire season of Queer Eye and nothing being ticked off your to do list! Avoid an angry boss and maintain your laser focus by choosing your favourite radio station or a good concentration playlist instead.



Get Moving

Just because you’ve got work to do and you’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean you can’t get those endorphins flowing with a little movement! Start your day with a bodyweight HIIT workout or yoga video to get your blood pumping and you’ll feel on top of the world, ready to take on any outrageous requests that might land in your inbox. If you’re in need of inspo, head over to our TikTok page (@swissemeuk) for some workouts and dance moves to keep you movin’. And don’t forget to refuel those muscles with a nutritious breakfast full of protein and carbohydrates, like with our favourite tropical mango oats recipe! 


Prioritise Your Workload

Working from home comes with distractions galore; who would have thought doing the washing up and cleaning the kitchen would have ever seemed so appealing? Before you wander to the kitchen for another snack and your 6th cup of tea, write out a good to-do list to keep you on track. Prioritise the tasks at hand and highlight 5-7 of them that are most important and need to be done by the end of the day (or the end of the week for longer projects). Knowing what you have to get done and by when is crucial for keeping you on track and avoiding any missed deadlines. Tick ‘em off too. Ah, how satisfying.


Eat Well

Has the change in your routine thrown mealtimes all out of sync? At work, it’s relatively simple to eat nutritious meals at normal times throughout the day. But working near your kitchen can lead to grazing throughout the day, without stopping to eat proper meals full of macro and micro-nutrients your body needs. Start with planning a balanced breakfast and lunch, plus a couple of healthy snacks to help keep your energy levels stable and productivity sky high. A Swisse Me Ready-to-drink Smoothie sachet or healthier treat such as a hazelnut and cocoa energy ball or a banana pecan muffin, will be much more satiating and satisfying than another sneaky trip to your secret chocolate stash!


Book in Some Video Calls

The feeling of working as a team and those silly in-jokes with your colleagues can often be the highlight of a stressful working day. The challenge of working remotely is having all of the workload, with none of the human contact or questionable banter. With the lack of office drinks, group conversation or post-meeting debriefs with your colleagues, it’s crucial to foster that sense of community and general team morale by using video calls. Swap calls for video meetings and schedule lunch with your work friends over Facetime so you can have lunch together as normal!


Block Your Social Media Apps

Unless it’s part of your job description – sorry social media managers - there’s no excuse for scrolling through Instagram for 6 hours on a workday. Even just having your phone on your desk can be a distraction, breaking your train of thought as every notification pops up. Ideally, leave it on the other side of the room so you can’t be tempted to pick it up until a dedicated break time. If you need your phone for work WhatsApp or calls, download an app that will block social media apps during your chosen hours of the day. Trust us, you’ve missed absolutely nothing exciting on twitter anyway!  


Re-think Your 3rd Cup of Coffee

When your energy flags and your brain starts to feel like treacle (hello 3pm!) it can be tempting to flick on the coffee machine and pour yourself your 3rd, or 4th, or 5th cup of the day for a quick caffeine kick. But when the shakes hit and your energy levels are sent on a rollercoaster ride, you’ll have likely done more harm than good in the long run. When you desperately need a boost, swap caffeinated drinks for a herbal tea and a Boost Me Beetroot Smoothie. With 6.2g of protein per serve, this fruity mix is specifically designed to power you up without sending you crashing back down to Earth.


Take Clear Breaks

Working from home tends to blur your usual boundaries, and we find days usually fall into one of two categories: those with zero productivity and a sneaky bit of Netflix (we promise we won’t tell!), or those when you start work at 8am, munch through lunch at your laptop, and find yourself on the sofa with your laptop in hand when 9pm rolls around. Try to create some structure to your day by sticking to normal start and finish times. The boundaries will help keep you to task, as you’ll know you have to get that project out the door by 5pm and can’t just ‘go back to it’ later. It’ll also make sure your brain and body is getting a break too – even superman needs some rest every now and again!



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