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Everyone's cup of tea

Everything seems so better after a nice cup of tea, right? No wonder it’s one the most popular hot beverage, originally grown in China some 5000 years ago! Green tea has remained popular in Asia whereas us Brits, as well as many other English-speaking countries, favour black tea.


Green is good 

Both green and black tea are processed quite differently. They both come from the Camellia Sinensis plant, but they differ in polyphenol content based on the way the leaves are processed. Black tea is made from oxidised leaves whereas green tea leaves aren’t oxidised at all, and it’s the polyphenol content that’s responsible for the antioxidant property of green tea.



Antioxidants from green tea are gold

So how does green tea benefit all who drink it? It’s super high in antioxidants of course! Factors like continued UV sun exposure and pollution can contribute to free radical damage which can lead to premature ageing skin. But antioxidants help to safeguard against the effects of free radicals.

So now you know the benefits, make green tea your cup of tea, every day.



Swisse Me & a green tea break 

While you benefit from your new favourite cuppa, fancy some healthy snack ideas to go with it? Tasty, nutritional and part of a balanced diet, make that tea break extra delicious with blends from our Start Me, Boost Me and Replenish Me ranges. Containing nutrient-rich and quality ingredients like fruits, leafy greens, beets and good grains as sources of fibre, protein and magnesium, there’s even more reason to spread those tea breaks out across the day!


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