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Fight fatigue, feel awesome

Fatigue. Often found lurking around the edges of the day waiting to strike when we’re at our weakest. But by maintaining healthy energy levels, we gain strength to fight it (while feeling pretty awesome in the process too). Take a look at 7 ways to combat tiredness and fatigue whenever it comes calling…



A no brainer really. When our bodies rest regularly for sustained periods of time (like multiple hours of uninterrupted zzzz’s) it does a lot more for you than you think it does. Good sleep also ensures that the body and mind have time to rest and recover, making us physically and psychologically ready for the next day. Basically, sleep is non-negotiable no matter how busy you are, and when it’s done right it makes life all the better for it.




Everything your body needs it gets from food, so eating regularly means you avoid it grinding to a halt. A bit like a car with no oil. But ‘how’ you eat isn’t an exact science either. Some prefer the three meals a day approach, whereas others prefer to eat little and often. There’s also plenty of good sugar-free snacks and low-fat snacks out there to choose from. The most important thing is to listen to your body (and tummy) so you can give it what it needs, when it needs it.



Eating the right nutrition food in the right amounts is everything. Too little or too much food can reduce stamina and drain energy. But when you increase your wholegrain, veg and fruit intake, as well as opting for lean meats, you are more than going in the right direction. And by balancing fat, salt and sugar in your diet, you will feel healthier and more energetic for it.



This is a hard one. As the friendly stimulant that can make us feel like we have more energy to tackle the day, it's the ultimate energy drink. But, too much (like most things in life) could be bad for you. Some people say by cutting back and gradually reducing your intake to zero, you will actually feel more energetic with fewer slumps during the day. Hmm... the jury is out on that one.




Exercise gives you energy. And the more you do, the more those feel-good hormones start whirring around to help you focus and cope with life’s crazy demands. The key here is to start slow and gentle on the fitness front, gradually increasing your exercise over time as your energy and stamina improves. Because ultimately, the more you do the better you’ll feel!



Dehydration can make you feel all sorts of bleurgh, including lethargy. So, what better way to stay hydrated other than drinking lots of lovely water? This is even more important in hot weather, as well as during and after exercise.



There’s nothing more exhausting than stress, is there? It slows down body and mind, so limiting stress wherever possible is paramount. From deep breathing and counting to ten or just talking to someone about how you’re feeling is a good place to start. Yoga, massages and holidays are also great ways to help fight long term stress and limit any further damage.



Swisse Me & the fight on fatigue 

We take the fight on fatigue very seriously and live for the day when we never have to say the words slump or ‘3.30-itis’ again. That’s why it’s so important to get our health and nutrition right. But with our low-fat range, including dairy-free foods, we think we’re on our way. Especially our Boost Me and Replenish Me ranges covering blends. Nutritious ingredients like Beetroot, Spinach, Ginger, Coffee, Pear, Mango, Berry, Collagen, Spirulina that help to combat tiredness and fatigue, whether it’s before a morning run or after an epic afternoon workout.

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    Delicious vegan energy smoothies packed with spinach, apple, mango, maca & Magnesium. No added sugar.
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