Find your zen in 2020

Going into a new year, especially a new decade, can be somewhat daunting, but don’t succumb to the pressure. See it only as a positive thing! It’s a second chance to write all those bad habit wrongs and spend more time on the important stuff and less on the trivial. A fresh start for making different choices and improving aspects of life that could do with a bit of an overhaul.

With so much to do and so little time to do it, it’s far too easy to feel exhausted before you’ve even begun, but it’s important to stay in control and channel your energy for all the things that make you feel good about yourself. So, we’ve compiled a resolution list to help you find your zen for 2020 and keep it there…



The ‘power of positive thinking’ isn’t just something someone once said. Psychology experts have been convinced that optimism has fantastic body and mind benefits. We all know that it’s not hard to let negativity bias our thinking. The classic ‘Why me?’ phrase when faced with something difficult is most people’s default setting. But when you replace ‘issue’ or ‘problem’ with something like ‘challenge’ – then automatically it becomes more positive. Challenges can be learned from and solved, and we can grow because of them.



It’s time to tell ourselves every day, out loud, that we’re doing great - because personal and positive affirmations can do wonders for confidence and mental wellbeing. Stop questioning in your head, ‘Did I do well?’ when you can say out loud; ‘I did really well!’ Tell yourself every day you’re going to nail whatever comes your way. And when you do something you’re proud of, praise yourself. It will help build self-esteem and couldn’t be easier to do either!



To unwind, loosen up, chill out or slow down - whatever relaxing means to you, it has the power to increase your sense of calm, wellbeing and reduces stress. Like everything, different practices work for different people. It can enhance energy and increase immunity, promote more restful sleep, increase concentration and lessen mood swings, help reduce anxiety and stress… the list goes on… so check out just what relaxing can do for you.



In today’s fast-paced techno world, taking care of our mental wellbeing as well as the physical has never been more important. As we rush here, there and everywhere, it’s good to know that there are other ways we can add nourishment, not just for the body, but for mind and soul too. Take a look at 5 easy ways you can practice mindfulness every day:


  • Breathe

Breathing, we do it all day, every day. But have you ever thought about what it actually means to ‘breathe consciously and with purpose’? Take a minute every day when you can focus on your breath. Inhale deeply through the nose and out through the mouth, focusing your attention on the movement and flow of air. It feels good, promise!  


  • Chew on this

Most of the time, we practically inhale our food as we rush about without giving it a second thought. We’re all a bit guilty of that, right? But when you sit down with no distractions, you can eat slowly and savour every mouthful. This way you’re helping your body appreciate food in the truest sense and have a better understanding when it’s full and satisfied.


  • Stop, look, listen and be grateful

We often spend way too much time aspiring to bigger and better things and miss what’s happening now. So, set yourself a goal to notice three things every day that you feel grateful for; from a home to live in, heating that keeps you warm or green space for a lunchtime stroll. Then give thanks to them. Being aware of everything you have can be really mind cleansing and inspirational too. 


  • Be moved

Yoga is a great practice of mindful movement as it not only keeps your body active, flexible and strong, but it helps your mind to relax and de-stress. Join a class and get your social fix with like-minded people – a real positive for emotional happiness and wellbeing in more ways than one.


Nothing beats a good night’s rest, does it? The emotional and physical benefits of getting enough shut eye are uncontested. To achieve those optimum seven hours a night, set a regular bedtime, turn off all screens and create a relaxing environment prior to dozing off. Practice deep breathing or a simple meditation and avoid too much caffeine or sugar in the hours before bedtime. Wake up refreshed and ready for whatever the new day brings.



Is it best to give or receive? We know in which our money is on. Because spending time and money on others, including charities, will always make you feel better than buying something for yourself can ever do. And if you keep it up, you’ll be producing a stream of lovely feelings that go hand in hand when giving to others. Get giving today!



Lots of studies have been done on the power of socialising and the one that stands out for us is just what a lack of social connection can do. So however busy life gets, ALWAYS make dates for quality time with friends and family. We are all people who need people, and the benefits go towards making us much happier and healthier for it.



No matter how you choose to stay zen, eating and snacking healthily is all part of keeping the body and mind strong, focussed, nourished and happy throughout the day. To get a taster of what we’re all about, our Try Me bundle of ready-to-drink smoothies is just the thing to try for 2020. A curation of the yummiest blends that take you from morning to night, energy to relaxation. With delicious and healthy ingredients like chia, quinoa, berry, beetroot, ginger, mango and spirulina, you can now find the zen for body as well as soul.

Happy trying!


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