Happy Valentine's Day #GetNateADate

Calling all eligible bachelorettes, we've got a hot new man on our Swisse Me team... and he's single! 

Is Nate the guy for you?


Q: What’s your IG Handle?

A: @nathanfredrick

Q: What’s your star sign?

A: I’m a Virgo, I have no idea what characteristics that brings or what that means but yes, I am a Virgo.

Q: Any New Years Resolutions?

A: I want to read more books this year, around one a month, that’s about it!

Q: Favourite Swisse Me product?

A: Replenish Me Spirulina! Perfect for before or after a workout and tastes so good.




Q: Do you travel? Any travel tips?

A: I’d like to think I travel often, one thing I always think of when travelling is plug socket converters and portable chargers. They always come in handy when exploring a new city or country. Snacks are important as with travel usually comes delays so any of the Swisse Me smoothies are perfect when travelling to slip into a bag.

Q: 2020 Bucketlist?

A: I’m turning 21 later this year so a trip to America would be great, preferably LA! I also want to see a football match abroad this year in Spain, Italy or Germany.

Q: Any Valentine's Day Plans?

A: None whatsoever, I’ll probably just be at home chilling.

Q: Are you more of a listener or a talker?

A: I’d certainly say I’m a listener, I always got told you have two ears and one mouth.

Q:  Are you more of a party person or a chill at home person?

A: Definitely a chill at home person but on a very rare occasion I may involve myself in a party situation.

Q: Favourite song at the moment?

A: Snoh Aalegra – Love Like That

Q: What would you do with an extra hour in the day?

A: Sleep 100% or maybe another gym session, I’d say that depends on my mood that day!

Q: Study Style? And any study tips?

A: I’m a crammer, so I tend to try and force as much information into my head as I can before heading into an exam. I strongly do not recommend this method! It’s something I am trying to change too.

Q: Uber Rating?

A: 4.67

Q: Deliveroo or Uber Eats?

A: Uber Eats


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