Get your orange glow on this winter

When it comes to beating those beauty winter blues, you need some orange in your beauty routine. Blood orange to be precise, and here’s why…


Peeling back the layers of nature’s beauty secret

Grown in the antioxidant-rich and dark volcanic soil at the foot of Mount Edna in Sicily, this superstar fruit is most definitely not the little crimson secret it used to be. In fact, it’s making seriously sweet waves in the beauty and skincare world and rightly so! Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to achieve a natural and gorgeous glow from within? And blood oranges really do have all the magic ingredients to make it happen.



Get the winter glow

First off, blood oranges are packed to the brim with vitamin C which the skin loves but seriously lacks over the gloomy winter months. Pasty, dull complexion anyone? But that’s not all. To go a bit science on you for a second, here are all the things that blood oranges are rich in: 

  • Anthocyanins – that help fight off free radicals and inflammation
  • Vitamin C – to help treat or prevent scurvy disease
    • Vitamin A – to help maintain the health of skin and certain tissues in the body

Skin hearts fruit acid

Blood oranges, like other citrus fruit, have a high fruit acid content, which btw is great news for skin. It contains citric acid which is a member of the alpha hydroxyl acid family. Basically, in traditional use, these acids have been considered potent exfoliators that penetrate the skin and dissolve dead skin cells that sit on the skin’s uppermost surface. In other words, it’s see-ya dullness and hello glow! Now available in creams, lotions, liquids and capsules, it couldn’t be easier to get your beauty blood orange fix every day…


Swisse Me & blood orange  

Beauty now comes in a travel-size shot and it tastes pretty delicious too! Our 5g Collagen shots with a source of protein and a citrus burst of blood orange flavour will give you a beauty boost in no time and help support your glow. A must-have accessory for your handbag or desk drawer, just make sure you don’t go anywhere without it!



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