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Healthy body, healthy mind

If you’re feeling down or unmotivated, exercise may seem like the last thing you want to do. But to get moving is actually a great way to improve your mood. Some health tips for women and workout motivation right there! Mentally, you can feel more energised, stress levels reduce, and you may sleep better too (the latter especially has a whole range of health benefits just on its own). In addition, there’re a number of other ways that exercise is more than good for mind, body and soul. Fitness classes can reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness by connecting you with other people, and outdoor exercise means you’re exposed to more vitamin D, (which is never a bad thing in the UK) while fresh air and nature are renowned mood-lifters.



Easy does it

Being active is a fantastic way to keep fit, but don’t feel you have to start something too intensive. There are many simple fitness tips for women on how to incorporate exercise into your daily life that are cost-effective and don’t take up a lot of time either… 

- Instead of driving or taking public transport to work, why not cycle, run or walk instead? A 15-minute walk twice a day can go a long way to improving your cardio levels and is a great way to reflect on the day too.

- On the weekends, meet a friend for a walk and talk, rather than catching up sitting down in a café or bar. Get your coffees to go and pick somewhere pretty to stroll around in.

- Try standing at your work desk rather than sitting down all day and organise ‘walking meetings’ rather than always being in a room. You and your colleagues will have a clearer, sharper head for it!


Swisse Me & healthy body, healthy mind

The ingredients used in all of our healthy low-fat snacks, from Start Me and Boost Me to Replenish Me, are designed to help you with all aspects of an active life incorporating exercise nutrition. Blended with fruits, sources of fibre, magnesium and protein, your natural energy will be where it needs to be every day. On top!


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