7 creative ways to stay healthy during quarantine

Adapting to lockdown life is all about switching things up and thinking outside the box. Us humans might be creatures of habit, but just because we’ve been banned from our go-to salad bars and beloved fitness studios, doesn’t mean we have to give up entirely and quarantine ourselves to the sofa! So, if you’re ready to give your wellbeing a little isolation-style boost, here’s 8 creative ways to stay healthy, despite the lockdown… 


Shots, Shots, Shots

Start your day with shots… no, put back that bottle of tequila, we’re talking the wellness variety! Put something good in your body first thing with one of our daily health shots. If you’re looking for a quick fix of goodness, go for an Artichoke & Curcumin Wellness Shot, designed to support digestion and provide a source of fibre too. Or if a little beauty glow-up is what the doctor ordered, our Collagen & Blood Orange Shots are full of the powerful protein responsible for skin elasticity and helping to retain youthful looking skin!


Up the Anti(oxidants)

It’s time to branch out from your usual diet and focus on boosting your intake of antioxidants, said to neutralise the effects of free radicals and help to keep your body healthy and skin glowing! With Summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to load up on smoothie bowls packed full of berries, fresh salads jam-packed with leafy greens and our Boost Me Beetroot & Spinach Ready to Drink Sachets to fuel you through those long days working from home!


Set Yourself a Fitness Challenge

If your normal fitness regime has gone out the window during lockdown, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and find a fun new challenge that’ll keep you fighting fit! Rally together a group of friends and join a Strava group, aiming to run or ride a certain number of miles. Or use the extra time to work on those weaknesses that you never usually have time for. Write a training plan to get that sub 21 min 5k or work towards being about to do 30 unbroken push ups by the end of quarantine - you’ve got no excuses not to squeeze in 15 minutes of practice!


Soak in More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is something we don’t get enough of in the UK at the best of times, let alone when we’re forced to stay at home all day. But it’s crucial for many bodily functions, including calcium regulation and keeping our bones, teeth and muscles strong. So yes, get yourself out for that daily walk, take advantage of your garden, balcony or the sunny nook next to the window, but be sure to grab a supplement to make sure you’re hitting your RDA too!


Eat the Rainbow

In attempts to eat better, we often focus on what we should take out of our diets, rather than what we need to add in. But food should be fun, and right now none of us need any more pleasure to be taken from our lives! So instead, focus on eating through the rainbow every day, so you know your body is getting a huge spectrum of the micronutrients it needs to thrive. Get competitive with yourself and your fellow iso-pals to see how you can squeeze in extra fruits and veggies into all sorts of meals. Trust us, it’s much more enjoyable than counting calories or stressing about that extra piece of dessert!


Introduce a Daily Wellness Hour

It’s time to open the doors to your very own at home wellness centre! At times like this self-care is key to keeping both mentally sane and physically healthy, so dedicate one non-negotiable hour of every day to doing something that feels good. That might be streaming a high intensity cardio class or yoga flow during your lunch break or doing something gentler to create some headspace; like meditating, breathwork or journaling.


Swap Weights for Wine

No, we’re not encouraging you to forgo your home workout for hitting up the wine rack (all in moderation!), but if you’re missing your regular strength sessions in the gym, a couple of wine bottles are a great replacement for dumbbells to help you stay strong at home! If you haven’t got any gym equipment at home, grab your wine bottles (or some tins of coconut milk) to replace small hand weights in your morning barre class, or fill up your backpack ready to squat, deadlift and press.


Healthy Snacks

‘Quarantine snack-it is’ might not be a diagnosed condition yet, but trust us, it’s real! If working from home also has you shuffling back and forth to the kitchen all day long, try to swap out those 3pm chocolate biscuits for something a little more nutrient-dense that’ll give you the smart energy boost you need! Do yourself a solid and order a smoothie care package, packed full of vitamins & minerals to fuel your body during this crazy time. Our best hack for sunny days? Throw a couple of smoothies in the freezer so you’ve got homemade healthy, fruity ice lollies at the ready with no faff or mess - YUM!


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