Self isolation: what to do when you’ve rinsed Netflix

If you’d asked us a month ago, we’d have begged for a week off to hide away and binge Netflix. Yet in this cruel twist of fate that has us all isolated at home, most of us have already watched every single appealing series and are desperate for something to do that doesn’t give us square eyes. So, to help motivate you to switch off the tv and drag yourself off the sofa we’re here to share some of our favourite at-home activities that are keeping us sane during the madness! That’s right, it’s finally time to actually learn Spanish, finish that forgotten DIY project and teach your Grandma how to use Facetime… and don’t you dare tell us that you’re too busy!


Get Reading

To ‘read more’ is just one of the common new year’s resolutions that people have forgotten about by the end of January. If this was you at the start of 2020 and you’re lagging seriously behind, take this as the perfect opportunity to play catch up! Tackle that #selfgrowth book, read the memoir of your sporting hero, lose yourself in a thrilling crime or devour a trashy read (no judgement here!). Check out this list of last year's best books to get you started, or dig out some old favourites and swap them with nearby friends by dropping them on their doorsteps to start your very own isolation book club!


Try Some Mindfulness

In these worrying times, now more than ever, we need some headspace in our lives. If you’ve struggling to make a mindfulness practice stick when life’s been busy, get in the habit now so that you’re reaping the benefits when normality picks back up again. Instead of adding to your stresses with another downloaded drama, use your time wisely to calm your mind. This can be using a meditation app or just trying out a mindful activity such as drawing, gentle yoga or even some therapeutic banana muffin baking! You can even bring mindfulness and breathwork into daily chores like whilst you’re washing up, doing laundry or grabbing something to eat. Focus on mindful snacks such as one of our Ready-to-Drink Smoothies that will fuel your day instead of demolishing that family block of chocolate before you’ve even blinked!  



Pick Up A New Skill

If there’s something you’d love to learn, or that could benefit your career, keep your brain busy by teaching yourself a new skill. Luckily for us in this modern age, the internet is a wonderful place where you can learn just about anything! Delve into the world of coding via YouTube or try out a short online course in Spanish. Always wanted to know more about good wine? Then order a book, grab a kit online (or just organise a wine box delivery) and plan out a fun tasting session for you and your partner or housemates! Isolation weekend plans = sorted.


…Or Pick Back Up That Forgotten Hobby!

Remember when you started that painting back in 2019? Oh and bought a guitar, promising yourself you’d be playing like Tom Misch by the end of the year. There are so many hobbies that have fallen by the wayside when life has taken over, so why not utilise this weirdly wonderful opportunity to get back into those things we love but never have time for?


Clear Out Your Wardrobe

It might not be our most exciting suggestion but having a good old clear out is a great way to keep yourself busy whilst letting your mind zone out. Get down and dirty with that overloaded bathroom cabinet and get ruthless with your overflowing wardrobe. Those trainers that you never wear. Pop them on Depop so that your productive efforts can earn you a little extra income!


Prioritise Self Care

During a busy week of work, social plans, family commitments and general life admin, self-care is often the first thing to be thrown from your to-do list… but not anymore! This can be anything from taking a nice long soak in the bath, to taking proper care of your skin and making sure you’re a nutrient-dense diet. Do your body and mind a favour and order a Smoothie Care Package, full of 90 fruits and vegetables plus other ingredient such magnesium which contributes to energy-yielding metabolism. These will keep you energised.


Do Thursday Drinks Via Video Call

Humans crave connection, so don’t let your social life slip just because you’re bunkering down at home! Jump on House Party or a Zoom call and catch up with your best pals no matter where you are and get creative with quizzes or virtual games to bring a new element of fun to your usual Thursday night drinks plans. If you’re feeling brave, give your Grandma a call and teach her how to use Facetime. You’ll make her whole day whilst keeping yourself entertained for a good hour (or two, or three); it’s a win win!


Try an At Home Workout

We’re all moving a LOT less than usual, so it’s important to make the effort to move in some way, to look after your physical health and most importantly, keep you sane! A whole range of fitness studios are posting daily workouts on Instagram, so you can work out with your favourite trainers at a fraction of the usual price. Otherwise, download a fitness app or find inspiration from your favourite fitness blogger; you’ll be surprised at how much of a sweat you can work up with just a bit of space and your own bodyweight!

Struggling to form a routine? Rope in a fit friend so you can share daily workouts on WhatsApp and keep each other accountable, even if it’s just forcing one another to get off the sofa for a set of press ups… every little helps! And just because you’re working out at home, doesn’t mean you can forget about refuelling well. Try a Boost Me Mango for a tasty source of protein with no added sugar.


Try Out Frame Online

The UK’s favourite classes are available on-demand beamed straight into your living room! Frame Online has a variety of classes you can choose from. Perfect to try a workout suits your mood at a time that works for you. How awesome is that! Try Dance Cardio to wiggle more energy into your TikTok game or hit the Mat Pilates for Ass+Abs to get that booty tight. Let’s do this!


Board Games

It’s time to go old school with some good old-fashioned board games! Grab that box of Articulate or make light out of the situation with an ironic game of Pandemic (too far?!). Maybe even dig out that dusty old dance mat and pay homage to the fun you had in your teenage years!

Our only word of warning? Maybe avoid Monopoly if you’re isolated with a ruthless bunch; there’s nothing worse than a competitive argument that no one can escape from…  


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