Tea, soup, smoothies; ginseng is a ubiquitous ingredient in modern recipes due to its amazing flavour and potential to support our busy active lifestyles. There are 13 different varieties; at Swisse Me, we hand-picked Korean Red Ginseng for our GINSENG & MACA Jelly Sticks. Read on to discover our top three reasons why we included this wonder ingredient!



Reason 1: The booster

Ginseng has shown the potential to bolster our energy levels when we’re flagging. Slip a GINSENG & MACA Jelly Stick in your gym bag and enjoy as a pre-workout vitality treat or pop a simple Daily Immunity capsule each morning.


Reason 2: The protector

Ginseng is thought to work as an antioxidant, contributing to the management of oxidative stress in the body. If you’ve have a big morning, crazy busy afternoon or a late night out, munch on a Swisse Me Ginseng Jelly Stick to get you back to fighting fit.


Reason 3: The watchman

Ginseng provides a powerful hit of flavour and is great news if you’re looking to manage sugar cravings throughout the day. Put down the biscuit tin and pick up a Ginseng Jelly Stick to support your nutrition goals.

If you hadn’t already guessed, Ginseng is an ingredient that most of us could benefit from. Why not try our nutritious and convenient Swisse Me Ginseng Jelly Sticks, which contain herbal extracts to help kick-start your senses or together with Vitamin C and Hemp Oil to support your busy lifestyle? 


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