Marylou Faure Q&A

Q: How did your passion and talent for illustration come about?

I’ve always loved drawing! Both my parents are artistic (my mum especially) and I grew up going to art classes and exhibitions all the time and really enjoying it. It’s not until I moved to London after I graduated that I realised I could actually make it my job - which is amazing because illustration is something I’m so passionate about. I really love what I do, and I want to enjoy that as much as possible.



Q: Was your unique style there from the beginning or did it develop over time?

No, it’s something that I really work on. I’m always thinking of ways that I can make it better. I like the idea of it evolving all the time, whilst still keeping its essence.


Q: Have you done many exhibitions and is there anything you’re particularly proud of that you’d like to show off to us? 

I've had a couple of solo exhibitions this year, where I displayed a personal series called "Nobody's Baby". The exhibition included very large prints, murals (printed on vinyl), posters and a resin figurine of one of my main female characters. I've done a few murals in the past, including a big one painted live for D&AD, an outdoor one in the heart of Shoreditch and a couple more for brands and agencies. I'm very proud of a recent project I've done where I worked on a series of portraits for UN Women, which were animated and displayed on Times Square for International Women's Day.



Q: Who or what inspires you the most and how do you decide who to collaborate with?

I’m really inspired by anything that's positive - whether it’s going on a holiday enjoying the sun or spending time with friends - my personal style gravitates around playfulness, confidence and bliss.


Q: What drew you towards Swisse Me as a brand?

I love working on packaging design and I felt like this could be a nice, creative collaboration. I also liked the idea of representing different types of food and drinks in a playful way :)


Q: How did you approach each individual design for us? Did you see each ingredient combination almost as a character in their own right? 

I didn’t at first - but once the idea was put out to have the main ingredient as a character, I knew it would work really well! My work is very character-based and I felt like I could really let my creativity run wild. I’m so happy that it’s the route Swisse Me chose, and I feel like it really makes their product stand out :)


Q: Do you have a favourite Swisse Me design? Sssh, we won’t tell anyone…

Yes :) I love the Quinoa and Mango girls - I also like Cocoa’s hair the most.



Q: How do you feel about nutrition, fitness and wellbeing overall?

I definitely think it’s important to be good to yourself. Both my sisters are really great at taking care of their body and mind and have had a great influence on me. I feel much better eating healthy and taking some little breaks in my planning to go to the gym, play squash or even do a little bit of mediation from time to time.


Q: When you’re not being Marylou the artist, where would we find you?

I love travelling and spend most of my free time going away and discovering new places in the UK, France and Spain. I went travelling in South East Asia for 6 months in 2017 and I'm looking to do that again in the future. I love going on hikes and I'm also really into water sports like surfing and white-water rafting.


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