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Mindfulness on your mind 

Trends come, trends go (seaweed popcorn, anyone?) That’s just the way it goes in health and wellbeing. But there are some trends that are here to stay, and mindfulness is right up there. And it really is the simplest thing to do because all it asks of you is to be aware of the moment that you are in. Not the moment you were in 10 minutes ago, nor the moment you’ll be in 2 hours from now when deciding what to cook for dinner, but now. RIGHT NOW.



Mindfulness health benefits can help you get a better night’s sleep and some studies show it can even help you become a more compassionate person. We can think of a few people who that would benefit!


Just 20 minutes of your time and as often as you can help you achieve these things. And how you do it can vary too – from zoning out at the sink when you do the washing up to yoga, mindfulness meditation and even running.


Here are some things to turn your mind to when deciding if mindfulness is for you…


1. Remember that meditation is a journey, not a destination. 

2. Sometimes meditation can be ungratifying and we can make the mistake of thinking we are doing something wrong. It’s always best to gauge the benefits of the practice by how you feel after with your eyes open than when you are actually meditating.

3. We meditate for an improved eyes-open experience, not so much the eyes-closed experience.




Swisse Me & mindfulness

We love nutritional snacks. Especially post-Pilates and yoga when the body and mind are relaxed, and the tummy is a little peckish. The Replenish Me post-workout range, including ingredients like spirulina and almond flour, is perfect as part of a balanced diet. These ingredients work together after physical activity, leaving you feeling reinvigorated.

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    Recharge Blend
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    Delicious vegan smoothies packed with spirulina, pear, apple, banana, almond & lemon. No added sugar.

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