NHS Interview: 10 questions with frontline NHS workers

From the Swisse Me Squad, we wanted to shout a big THANK YOU to all the medical workers & volunteers, and all the essential workers! ⠀

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We’ve reached out to two NHS workers to understand how we can be as helpful as possible, even if it’s from our couch.


1. How are you? How are you feeling?

Tired, emotional, worried of transmitting Covid-19 to my family; but I feel the strong urge to help. People need us.

Feeling good thank you. Tough times but good.

2. In which service/hospital do you work?

NHS - Frimley Park
Ambulance service

3. We’re pretty powerless at home, but is there a way to help support your team/s?

Words of love and support go a long way, also just staying at home is a massive help! Abiding to the rules, checking in on your neighbors etc it all adds up!

Any messages of thanks for services used and when you have experience with our crews is always welcome and makes our crews feel great.

NHS Workers


4. For people that want to volunteer, where would they need to go?

They need to go to this website: https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS

5. How can we make a difference from home?

Staying at home! That’s really a huge help which will make a huge impact.

The most amazing thing you can do right now is stay home if u can.

6. How do you keep your mental strength and the motivation up?

Knowing that I can help people when they are their most vulnerable. These people need us at their weakest, and it is a huge privilege to help them.

Mental strength - relaxation music and cuddles with my family (once showered - obviously!)

7. Do you have any self-care tips to share?

Make sure you eat and stay hydrated! We need to be on good form in order to be able to help others! Hence why I’m so excited for the Swisse Me goodies! They will make such a difference.

Try and vary activities, reading , drawing , painting , quiz books and maybe learn a new skill you have been wanting too but never had time.

8. How do you keep healthy during these challenging times?

It’s super hard. Trying to eat as well as possible and I do online 20 mins workout videos which help. When I’m off I always go for a dog walk and feeling the fresh air is amazing.

Regular work outs with online supplies, lots doing this for free at the moment, and a walk a day.

9. Any mental wellbeing tips while staying at home?

Exercise, drink water, love each other, and be grateful for this rare time together. Maybe try something you’ve always wanted to do!

Keep busy as you can, select jobs for each day to help keep motivated. And call and speak to your friends and relatives who may be struggling in this time.

10. Any message you want to share? Any final advice?

We love you, stay at home, and if you need us, we are here to help you!

Stay safe, everyone can do something even if that is just stay home even that is amazing. Be kind to others and keep in touch with the most vulnerable. Look out for your friends, family and neighbours.


Big round of applause for their amazing work


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