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Show bad days the door

Argh! It’s all gone wrong…


Yep, we’ve all been there. Missed bus, delayed train, inbox not going down and to top it all, friends holiday spam all over social media. Great! But, don’t panic. Meditation teacher, Jacqui Lewis is on hand with four steps to show that bad day the door…


Close your eyes

Just this simple act can make things feel better. Lewis suggests even five minutes is enough to reconnect with your body and make a difference. And you can do it anywhere. On the train, in a parked car or even a coffee shop. So, are you ready? Close your eyes and breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on each part of your body from your head to your toes. If your mind wanders (as it naturally will want to) just gently bring it back and focus on a part of your body once more. You can then aim to do this for 10/15 minutes at a time.



Treat yourself

We don’t necessarily mean with that double cream Oreo shake you’ve had your eye on, but as Lewis puts it, treating yourself with something ‘joyful’ can do wonders. Because when you do something that brings you joy every day, it stimulates serotonin (the happy hormone) which counteracts that evil stress hormone; cortisol. These joyful things can be simple too; like walking your dog, reading a book or enjoying a coffee alone. So, switch off the phone and keep your thoughts on the one thing that’s bringing you joy in the moment.



Be socially mindful

Love it or hate it, social media is in our lives now for better or worse and for some, it’s even part of their jobs. But boy, is it addictive. A digital ball of temptation, encouraging us to swipe, search or post if we want to be on our A game. And that can be utterly exhausting, not to mention detrimental in other areas of our lives. Now, whereas we’re not suggesting you give up your Instagram account entirely, Lewis suggests you can interact with it in a way that’s healthier. For example, try to avoid using it as a ‘time waster’ when waiting for a train or friend to show up. Swap it for other single activities which will make you feel calmer and more content – like reading a book or listening to a podcast. When we understand the traps of social media, we are better equipped to navigate our way around the pitfalls.


Switch off

It’s not just kids that should get allocated screen time but us adults too. Lewis believes screen-free time during the day for at least an hour is more than beneficial and when you do it is up to you. From the time around waking up to before you go to bed, it’s all about giving your eyes and mind a break. In addition, Lewis also suggests putting your phone on silent or leaving it in another room or drawer for a period of time. We get so used to it being like another part of us that it can become an unhealthy and unnecessary relationship. Time without your phone also helps you to relax more easily.



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