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The megaformer low-down

We know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t the latest Hollywood Transformers movie to hit our screens. However, apparently, it’s already got one famous fan in a sweat…the Duchess of Sussex, no less!


But what actually is it? A bit like a Pilates Reformer (a long contraption made up of two stable platforms on the front and back with a gliding carriage in the middle), it comes with a promise to tone you like never before by merging Pilates with cardio in a low-impact way.


Designed by trainer and CEO of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Legree, the machine is larger than a regular reformer with more straps, springs and platforms. To get a bit technical, the carriage is spring-loaded with resistance that ranges from 0 to about 250 pounds. The tension is variable, so it’s good for glutes, hamstrings, abs, obliques and other muscles with heavy and light resistance.




Even though the Megaformer isn’t Pilates, this women’s fitness workout still requires lots of abs work. This is because there’s always a part of your body on the carriage (which is also on wheels and in motion) so there’s forever the need to stabilise that core. As well as training bigger muscle groups like quads and abs, it also works a bunch of little stabilising muscles too. Seriously, where has it been all our lives?


Mega results

As an effective and full-body workout for women that involves moves like standing lunges, squats and planks (and all on a moving carriage), the Megaformer aims to improve flexibility, endurance and strength. But don’t think you won’t be a little bit sore the next day! Trust us though, as you start to get stronger and leaner, not to mention seeing and feeling muscles you never knew you had, it will all feel worth it. Don’t forget to start off slowly, giving your body enough time to repair muscles before the next class. Tap up your local gym and find out where your nearest Megaformer sessions are. Fitness is about to get mega!




Swisse Me & mega pre and post-workout nutrition   

As you put all your energy into the Megaformer, don’t forget to take care of your fitness nutrition before and after. Our on-the-go tasty and nutritious healthy food options Boost Me energy blends and Replenish Me Post-workout blends will be with you every step (and lunge) of the way. A perfect fit in your gym bag, get the extra sustenance you need before a workout with Boost Me Beetroot, Spinach, Ginger, Mango, Berry, Coffee or Pear. Packed with lots of fruity goodness, beets and leafy greens, the Megaformer won’t know what’s hit it! For any post-workout slumping, there’s Replenish Me Spirulina to reinvigorate you for the evening ahead. 


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