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Training goals

If you’re training for something specific or just really, really love the gym, it can sometimes be a challenge to know if you’re training as well as you could be. For advice on how to get it right, check out Swisse expert, David Cannata’s six top tips for achieving all your fitness goals:



1. Make a plan 

It’s all too easy to focus too much on the training itself but neglect other vital components in the process. A bit like having a sports car but forgetting to fill it up with petrol or get it serviced. But if you take the time to work on the preparations as a whole, from your pre-workout regime to your post-workout care, it can really help your body to perform at its peak during every workout.


2. Fuel your body

The food you eat is inexplicably linked to your training results. People who exercise to lose weight often forgo meals or eat too lightly post-workout. This can have the desired opposite effect, because it places the body in starvation mode and slows metabolism, causing more fat to be stored rather than burned. As part of your pre-workout regime and post-workout care, getting your nutrition right is key. Protein-rich foods are brilliant for muscle recovery. Lean meats like chicken and turkey are beneficial, and fishes such as tuna, salmon and sardines are great too. Yoghurt, eggs, nuts and tofu are also a nutritious source before and after training. And for boosting energy, you can never go wrong with bananas, fruit smoothies, whole grain cereals & bread, seeds and rice. Don’t forget there’s also plenty of protein in nuts too for body support after workout.



3. Boost those amino acids

Incorporating an amino acid supplement into your pre-workout regime and post-workout care can hugely help with boosting energy levels and reducing fatigue. During exercise, the body can come under physical stress, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, and the working muscles, therefore, need to be replenished adequately. The body’s demand for amino acids is particularly high after frequent and intense training.


4. Hydration, hydration, hydration

So simple, yet so important. To perform to the best of your ability, the body requires a sufficient level of hydration. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your hydration levels are topped up with water throughout the day. It is typically recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water per day.


5. Mix it up

Doing the same thing over and over every gym session won’t help with your overall fitness and it certainly won’t help with motivation either. Mixing up your training to work different muscle groups each session can really help in every way. It’s important to train the whole body, not just one area. For example; complement lifting weights for power with Pilates or yoga for balance and core strength. It’s a great way to encourage body balance and avoid injuries, plus it stops any boredom creeping in too!



Swisse Me & fitness training

Our workout and nutrition Start Me breakfast blends and Boost Me energy blends and jellies work as a tasty and nutritious morning or pre-workout snack to help you reach your fitness and nutrition training goals throughout the day. But we also think about the other side too. That’s why alongside our Replenish Me post-workout blends, we’re all about giving you 360 nutrition fitness care 24/7.

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    Recharge Blend
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    Delicious vegan smoothies packed with spirulina, pear, apple, banana, almond & lemon. No added sugar.
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    Energy Blend
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    Delicious energy smoothies packed with 6.2g of protein, a perfect protein hit pre or post-workout.
  3. Start Me Quinoa breakfast blend front
    Breakfast Blend
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    Ready-to-drink breakfast smoothies packed with quinoa, apple, mango, banana & yoghurt. No added sugar.

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