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Travel yourself fit

So, there you are, travelling to far-flung destinations where everything is different and usual home routines go out of the window on take-off. But there’s one thing you don’t have to be homesick for –keeping fit and healthy.


In fact, making health and fitness part of your travel experience can give it the exciting boost it’s been craving (alongside that bowl of paella, of course) and what better way to kick start it in a different and invigorating environment.


HIIT the beach

Who needs the gym when you have nature’s training ground at your disposal? High-Intensity Interval Training is ideal for travelling as you can get a sweat on anywhere at any time. Brief bursts of intense exercise like push-ups and sprints on the beach followed by short recovery periods will see your body still burning those calories as the sun goes down and you’ve got a spritz in hand! Taking no longer than 20 minutes, it won’t get in the way of your day plans either. For those of you that might want to up the ante a bit, pack a light resistance band in your suitcase to help increase the intensity of those daily HIIT workouts. 



Active sight-seeing

In its very nature, checking out the sights when travelling abroad is anything but lazing around! It’s not all about rotating with the sun on a lounger after all (which is still good to do). So, when you are exploring, do it actively! Take the stairs to that ruin, not the lift or cable car, walk around the cute little back streets (squeezing in those abs and glutes as you go for a bit of flexing). Gently jog around the lake or hike up that hill to get a better 360 view. Sign up for a bike-riding excursion and discover local markets on foot. Your step count will be up, and you’ll be down with local knowledge all at the same time!


Be a water baby

Holidays and travelling naturally involve fitness activities, so make the most of them! No.1 is swimming. Do a lot of it – in the sea, pool, river or lake. A great full-body workout right there and completely free too. Adding to that you’ve got snorkelling, deep-sea diving, surfing, kayaking, rock-climbing, volleyball and yoga on the beach. Just a few ways to get the blood pumping and heart racing when home or away.


Travel and Tech

A no brainer really but you have all the online fitness classes in the world at your fingertips, especially good if you’re chilling in a hostel or hotel room. Just make sure you load up your phone with exercise apps before your trip. From yoga to strength training, you’ll have all the moves you need to hand.  



H20 – no.1 travelling companion

No matter what you’re doing or how hard you’re doing it, stay hydrated throughout the day and keep that water bottle topped up. Also remember that a lot of countries won’t have drinking tap water, so don’t get caught out and stay stocked up. Mum lesson, over!  



You are travelling! This is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime thing so go easy on yourself. But at the same time, you are on holiday! R&R for the body as well as the mind is the one key holiday staple that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised when it’s time to come home. Also, get plenty of sleep too. Being on less of a time schedule should be taken advantage of, so if you want to sleep till noon before a light brunch and a bit of yoga, then why on earth not? 



Swisse Me & on-the-go travel 

Travel-size, tasty and healthy on the go snacks that slip easily into any suitcase or backpack? Yep, you’ve reached your final destination! All of our ranges from Start Me Breakfast to Boost Me Energy and Replenish Me Post-workout contain delicious ingredients that make a perfect travelling companion for any fitness lover throughout the day. Flavours that start you like Coffee, Quinoa, Chia and Cocoa work wonders for a pre-beach workout in the A.M. For the afternoon before kayaking or volleyball, you’ve got Beetroot, Mango, Spinach, Berry, Ginger and Pear to give your levels a lift. And then as the sun starts to set over those clear blue waters, there’s another sea-inspired vegan treat to reinvigorate you; Replenish Me Spirulina. Happy travels with Swisse Me.  


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