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Nutrition Bundles

  1. Boost Me bundle
    Mixed Bundle
    Care Package incoming! A selection of 90 vitamin & mineral rich smoothies to help you through these cha...
  2. Try Me bundle
    Enjoy 16 smoothies at the best value - just £1.69 per smoothie. Start, Boost & Replenish.
    £29.98 £26.99
  3. Super Me bundle
    A selection of 8 plant-based smoothies packed with veggie, fruity and fabulous ingredients.
  4. COLLAGEN Nutrition Beauty Bundle
    Packed with 8 smoothies, 10 jellies & 7 shots, these beauty essentials support a healthy glow.
    £44.97 £35.00
  5. Super Me bundle
    Packed with 8 smoothies, beauty essentials to support a healthy glow.
  6. Super Me bundle
    8 tasty superfood smoothies packed with antioxidant properities to detox & recharge the body.
  7. Goodness Me bundle
    Try our pre and post workout bundle! 8 magnesium and protein packed smoothies. Energise and recover with Bo...
  8. Boost Me bundle
    Try the Boost Me range! A selection of 8 energy smoothies, designed to fuel your day and power through work...
  9. Start Me bundle
    A selection of 8 breakfast smoothies to get you firing on all cylinders from waking in the morning.

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