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The philosophy

Inspired by change and driven by results.

We are committed to your long-term health, wellbeing and future happiness.


Backed by science, motivated by you, inspired by innovation.

We’ve taken all the good stuff (think fruit, vegetables, minerals) and made them easier to work into life every day. After all, your energy levels shouldn’t suffer just because you’ve got a crazy full life going on!

That’s why we’ve made it so our tasty blends are convenient, nutritious and continue to keep evolving in flavour and texture.

Team vibes

Team Swisse Me are united by a passion and vision for health and wellness.

Our team has a little bit of everything, and that’s how we like it! Our own blend of nationalities, cultures, skills and lifestyles all coming together to serve up a new and exciting brand to the UK that we feel super passionate about.

The mothership

Swisse Me is the wild little sibling of Swisse – Australia’s No. 1 vitamin and supplements brand.

50 years of Swisse experience and research have taught us that carving out new paths and discovering new ways of doing things is only ever a good thing. So that’s what we’ve done here. Created with premium ingredients and nutritious from the inside out, our ranges have been designed to take care of every ‘you’ throughout the day. From a morning pick-me-up to a replenishing booster in the evening, say hello to a new you with Swisse Me.

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