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Marylou Faure

A Parisian artist based in London since 2012, Marylou Faure is an exciting, original and formidable find. Her love of character design, bold colours and handwritten typography make Marylou’s art joyful in the extreme and her playful, distinctive illustrations - unforgettable. If you haven’t fallen in love with her yet, Marylou also believes in using her art for social and ethical good causes where she can. What a gal!

Watch how TerraCycle® recycles the ‘non-recyclable’


Swisse Me strives to reduce waste in all areas of product sourcing, manufacturing and packaging. As part of our endeavour to minimalise waste by using recyclable materials, we’re excited to partner with TerraCycle® for The Swisse Me Recycling Programme coming in line with our July 2019 brand launch.

You can participate in 3 different ways:

  1. Drop off your Swisse Me pouches at your nearest public drop-off location
  2. Set up your own public drop-off location
  3. Collect at home

To learn more, visit The Swisse Me Recycling Programme page at www.terracycle.com/en-GB


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