No dairy. No gluten. No whey. No nasties.

Yes, this is real life! 

Our new Vegan Protein Balls contain nut butter, exotic mushrooms and friendly bacteria, in a single bite.
Don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t put any other balls in our mouths. Check 'em out!


Sweet treat with a sprinkle of spice.


Tart sweetie ball with extra texture.


Classy choc-nut baller.


Sweet and aromatic Oriental fave.

Tried and Tested

These new protein balls were developed, tested and approved by our very own Product Manager. Don’t let the smile fool you, she doesn’t muck around when it comes to taste!

Why we're balling for this power range

Winning Protein

Did you know that Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and normal bones? Plus Hemp & Brown Rice protein is subtle and delicious in taste and purely plant-based. Winning! 

We rely on you

Sure, we create products, but we’re fuelled by you lot. We expect our customers will tell us how to improve, or when we’ve won them over. The fab, the drab, we want to hear it! You can post a pic with your fave, slide into our DMs and say hi, or leave us an honest review on Trustpilot. 

Quality Assured

You can chill. We don't skimp on quality; its a no-go zone. Just because we move fast, doesn’t mean we cut corners. Our quality assurance gurus are all over it. Swisse Me products are created with natural ingredients that are nutritious from the inside out.

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Squad Picks

Olly, eCommerce 

"Cacao Hazelnut is banging! Best of the bunch in my opinion."

Bec, Projects

"Raspberry Chia is soooo good. I love the tart berries and texture is a great combination."

Nyk, Marketing

"Game changers. Cinnamon Almond for the win."


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