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Shout out to planet Earth — you keep Swisse Me grounded.

Since launching in July 2019, we’ve taken every consideration to ensure our processes, suppliers and materials reduce waste and have minimal impact on the environment. Our primary focus is on the production of high-quality packaging with the aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our pouches

Our on-the-go nutrition pouches are classified as a food, and so we must comply with food-grade packaging regulations. Our packaging is made with a double layer of leak proof foil, followed by a plastic coating and matte finish, so you don't need to worry about a spill in your gym bag.

Surprisingly, our plastic pouch has a better carbon footprint than glass (consuming less energy to be produced and shipped). But it's not enough! By 2024 Swisse Me commits to have 100% recyclable packs.

Our partners

For now the eco-friendly options for these pouches are limited in the FMCG industry, so we’ve invested in a partnership with TerraCycle® to reduce our environmental impact. They can collect and recycle almost any form of waste, including our pouches. Using innovative processes TerraCycle® make the traditionally non-recyclable, recyclable!

Our boxes

100% of our product can be recycled again and again! That’s because all of the cardboard we use in our production is made of up to 70% recycled fibres. In addition to using recycled fibres, all new material is ethically sourced from certified sustainably managed forests.

Our promise

We know there’s no planet B! So, as part of our promise to reduce single-use plastic and our carbon footprint, we are working with our production team to be even more environmentally sustainable in 2020.

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