Smoothies that suit your lifestyle

There's Vegan, Gluten Free and Collagen options in the Try Me bundle, all with no added sugar.
If you’re a flexitarian, we don’t judge. We support a variety of lifestyle choices - you do you. 

Nutrition anywhere, anytime

Busy lifestyle? We got you. At work or between workouts, laying in, or out with the bub, these healthy smoothies are the quick pick-me-up you've been looking for.

Try all of our smoothies at just £1.98 per pocket-friendly pouch. 

Natural Ingredients

Packed with the good stuff, our range of ready-to-drink smoothies contain real fruits, veggies and natural ingredients. Some with a sprinkle of Magnesium to help with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue! They are a perfect healthy snack on their own (or mixed into your favourite recipe) when you need an energy boost.  Go, go, go!

Sick of swiping left? 

Perfect for those with commitment issues, the Try Me Smoothie Box means you get all 12 singles in one delicious package (and then some). Choose your own favourite!

Only £26.99 for 16 ready-to-drink smoothies! 

Smoothies for Adults
get up close and personal with the range

'CHIA cheater'
Chia seeds go rogue with apple, strawberry, and blueberries.

'Moaning Queen-oia' 
Quinoa, apple, mango and a squirt of yoghurt

'COFFEE Dater'
Apple, yoghurt, banana and dates for days.

Call me ‘COCO’
Apple, banana oats, barley and cocoa

'COFFEE Quickie'
Apple, yoghurt, banana and dates for days.

‘MANGO, Woman-go Wild' 
Mango, carrot, apple & turmeric spice up your life.

‘A PEAR-y Seedy Time’
Pear, Peach, apricot and basil seeds blitzed, with no mess.

'Free Spirit-lina'
A delicious mess of Apple, Banana, Almond and Spirulina.

'SPINACH Wild Thing'
Spinach mixed up with Apple, Mango, Maca and Magnesium. Raowww!

Beetroot and berry bonanza with 6.2g protein.

'Feeling GINGER'
Ginger, Apple, Banana, Kiwi and Avo get down and dirty.

'BERRY Banger'
Rasperries, Apple, Banana and dates are friends-with-benefits

Squad Picks

Still not convinced. We asked the team for their faves. 

"Ginger is bangin' - I pack one on long bike rides!"
-Olly, eComm

"Spirulina is the best! Smooth and super tasty."   
- Bec, Innovation

"Pear, for sure, love the texture of the basil seeds."
- Marion, Marketing


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